Maori Forestry

Kaiwae Harvesting

Kiwi Forestry are proud to be involved in a Joint Venture with the Ngati Hine Forestry Trust in the form of Kaiwae Harvesting. Kaiwae Harvesting is a 50/50 Joint Venture set up in 2009 to operate in Ngati Hine land in the Hancock Forestry estate.

PAEP - Accelerated Recruitment, Training, Employment & Mentoring Programme

PAEP (Pre-Training Accelerated Employment Programme) was designed as a pilot project between Kiwi Forestry, Ngati Hine and Hancock Forest Management with the assistance of Work & Income NZ. 

The intention is to follow a process in which we identify, screen and select candidates to enter a pre determined training programme with WINZ, supported by Kiwi forestry and FITEC,  with the eventual goal of entering full time employment with Kiwi Forestry. 

This programme enables Ngati Hine to manage the cultural and economic sustainability of the land as a support to the commercial forestry harvest objectives. Furthermore it enables workers and their whanau increased income, future, stability and enable them to stay in their regions rather than be forced to leave for employment elsewhere.In return NZ gets to have the caliber and volume of skilled forestry and transport workers required to efficiently harvest and deliver the increasing national wood supply.  

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